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      Are you visiting us by car? We would like to advise you about the best possibilities to park your car near our hotel. Please contact us when you want more information about the parking options in Amsterdam. 


      Nearby & special price

      Near the hotel there are different parking possibilities. At Q-park Byzantium, Q-park Museumplein and Q-park Europarking there is a special discount rate for our hotelguest! 

       Pre-book your parking spot here.


      Best price

      Park your car affordably and safely at the Olympisch Stadion car park in Amsterdam. From the car park you can hop on public transport and within about 20 minutes you are at Hotel van de Vijsel.
      Olympisch Stadion car park is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
      Pre book your parking spot via de website: Olympisch Stadion car park.